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Hey.  I’m Jen. Also known as Jennifer Caitlin Welsh, “Virus girl,” microbelover and even once in awhile Jdub.

I currently live in New York City and I’m a staff reporter (read intern) at LiveScience.com. I’ve been a nomad since June, and I’m not sure where I will be after this, let alone any further than that.

I’ve been a nomad because I’m just getting started in this crazy field called science journalism — writing about science for the public through books, newspapers, magazines and the web. I’m really enjoying myself and I love what I do, though its quite a difficult time to break into the journalism world. I actually think science journalism kinda has an edge on that, though, because of the booming science blog market (though sometimes I wonder who actually reads science blogs other than other science bloggers…).

I graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz’s graduate program in Science Communication in June of 2010 (go Banana Slugs!).  If you are thinking of getting into science communication, I heartily recommend checking it out. Before that I spent a few years working at a start up biotech, doing anti-viral drug development.

I fell in love with viruses while I was in undergrad, at the University of Notre Dame. I blame this guy.

For more info about me, check the cat page (where I’ll allow myself to jibber on slightly about my life in NYC and my cat). To learn more or explore my body of work, check out the Jen’s Writing pages (if you are feeling self-conscious about your own writing, feel free to go way back in the archives).

If you think you might want to hire me, read over my resume then email me at microbelover@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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